Do You Focus Too Much On Lack?


I think we can all be guilty of this. When life isn’t quite going our way we focus on just that – that life is not going our way! What about what is going our way?

It’s become a bit of a cliché when it comes to happiness – be grateful and appreciate what you have in life – it goes over our head because we’ve heard it a million times and we stop applying it to our own lives.

But there’s great power in how you focus. There are times in life when everything is moving along perfectly and there are times when, well, it just isn’t. However, the way in which you step back and look at what is going on – the bigger picture – really can be the difference between feeling positive and just feeling crappy.

If your life is taking a turn or you are struggling to see how life is good try to steer away from focusing on the lack.

Our minds are naturally drawn to focus on lack and what we don’t currently have in our lives that we would like to have. If we want the perfect job but feel we don’t have it, we may focus on our current job and what’s wrong with it like the annoying boss and the boring work, but instead try and focus on what’s good about it. Maybe your commute is short and trouble-free, you have fun colleagues, the pay is enough to deal with your bills. The more you focus on the good things about a situation that’s less than ideal, the more you can cope with it.

Remember every situation is temporary and we’re continually moving forward. When we focus on the better things, our mind fights us and thinks we’re trying to accept a situation we hate and thinking about the negative aspects is somehow helping us, that focusing on what’s not there but wish was is somehow going to help us change the situation – but it’s not!

Focusing on the abundance rather than the lack isn’t about giving in. It isn’t about  just accepting the situation and desperately trying to be happy about it. It’s not about accepting it’ll never change; it’s about changing your inner thoughts which, in turn, will gradually change your level of happiness. It’s when you’re in this better state of happiness that you’ll be in a better state for moving forward and inspired action will present itself to you – that perfect job will suddenly appear in the strangest of ways!

So next time you find yourself focusing on something you don’t have like a relationship, perfect job, perfect house or enough money, try to change your thinking to that of abundance – the love of your friends and family, a job that pays the bills for now, a roof over your head (maybe a small one but a roof all the same!) and the money to buy you what you need.

Remember focusing on abundance is about putting that monkey mind at ease and allowing it to enter a more positive state that will go towards opening up paths to new opportunities that frustration, apathy and depression from focusing on lack can block.

So perhaps try noticing how much you focus on lack and change your perspective to that of abundance. Make it a conscious, consistent habit and start seeing the positive changes to your happiness 🙂


13 thoughts on “Do You Focus Too Much On Lack?

  1. Sparkyjen

    Yes! We are what we focus on, especially when we are consistent. Eek. I couldn’t imagine using the time I have here on earth focusing on what I don’t have. When I look around my immediate area, I quickly realize that I have more than enough. Abundance is everywhere to the point that I must also take the time to share some of it with others who really don’t have many of life’s necessities.

    1. Jenny M

      I agree, our abundance can be easily shared with others which will produce more abundance – not only in others’ lives but within ourselves 🙂

  2. Pete

    Love the word abundance and the mentality that goes with it. It beats its opposite – scarcity – any day of the week! The concept of what we focus on is so important – I’ve recently decided to focus on how much I get done in a day rather than how much there is to do. I’ve felt overwhelmed by my to-do list since I can’t remember but I’m slowly winning. So choosing what to focus on is one of the big choices in our life. Love the article Jenny.

    1. Jenny M

      You’re so right, Pete. I think it’s way too easy to focus on the things that bring us anxiety or any ‘glass half empty’ feeling. I think a lot of us forget there is a different perspective and focus we can always take – and like you say it’s our choice and completely at our own control. Thanks for your great comment!

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