Do We Get Happier As We Get Older?

Today is my birthday…hurrah! It got me thinking about happiness and age – specifically do we get happier as we get older?

Happiness tends to be positively linked with age and there has been a plethora of scientific research that has delved into the answer to this question.

It seems happiness is intrinsically associated with youth and youth means opportunity, excitement, health and the start of the life journey. Yes, we have more energy and future hope but I don’t think this necessarily equals being more happy. Youth brings more mistakes that cause us to feel lost and confused. Societal pressure to have your life going in the right direction can cause stress and feelings of failure if it doesn’t work out the way you expect.

We’re happier when we’ve accomplished our major goals. Many studies have shown that happiness becomes more prevalent in our lives when we’ve completed the goals we’ve set ourselves. This causes us to float along in life more contently and happily because we no longer have to strive for the big things we want out of life. This isn’t to say we stop working towards goals but we do this in a more laid-back, ‘along for the ride’ attitude.

We appreciate things more when we’re older and appreciation plays a huge role in happiness. Gratitude and appreciation is a major factor in the achievement of happiness and with the increase of age comes the increase in appreciation. It’s been found that although identity in youth is formed through experiences such as travelling, falling in love (several times), and general thrill-seeking, as we get older we find identity is found in everyday, simple pleasures and with this comes more contentedness.

With wisdom comes happiness. Every year we get older we add our lifetime experiences to our sense of self. We learn from what we’ve done and fine-tune our ideas, beliefs, understandings and apply this to life going forward. The wisdom we develop adds to our happiness as we realise others opinions don’t matter so much or how much money we make isn’t ultimately as important in making us happy as loved ones do.

We have a greater sense of acceptance as we get older. We resist less as we get older. When we’re younger we tend to want to control circumstances that are mostly outside of our control. With this brings frustration and sense of failure if it doesn’t go our way. Age allows us to accept our situations for what they are and being happy with them. This is where appreciation and feeling content with how things are ups our happiness levels.

So turning a year older, whatever your age, shouldn’t be approached with apprehension and reluctance. Be safe in the knowledge that your happiness is most likely going to rise to whole new levels 🙂

If you’re interested, here’s a great TedxTalk about age and happiness:



14 thoughts on “Do We Get Happier As We Get Older?

  1. scribbleartie

    Happy Birthday! And yes, happiness (or contentment) gets better the older you get. 😀 I read in the news today that meditation makes your brain 7 years younger, apparently. Just as we are talking about age and stuff. 😀

    1. Jenny M

      Thank you! Oh really? I haven’t seen that – how interesting! Hopefully my mind turned 7 years younger today 😃

  2. Kris

    Interesting, I just linked to the TED Talks for my A to Z challenge post. I think growing older, because of the losses we have and the sacrifices we make, we learn to appreciate more what we have. With age comes gratitude. And with that a measure of happiness is achieved.

    1. Jenny M

      Totally agree! I think age gives us different perspectives over time that lead to greater understanding about life and what’s important 🙂

  3. Sparkyjen

    Happy birthday! I think we have had enough experiences to know what happy feels like. If we also appreciate that no, we may not have all the time in the world to live it…maybe we’ll blow put the candles on our cake having made a wish to live happier lives from this day forward.

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