How To Manage Negative Thinking


Negative thinking can have a detrimental effect on our lives and can cause us stress, anxiety and depression. For a lot of people it has become a habit – always seeing the glass as half empty rather than half full. You may not think there’s much difference between the two but one can lead to a happy life and the other a much less happy one. The consequences of a negative mind are less confidence and lower self-esteem, less happiness, less energy, less enjoyable social interactions and less health benefits. What may seem like just a habit can subtly lessen your well-being and quality of life without us even necessarily realising it.

Negative thoughts are normal. First of all, it’s completely normal to have negative thoughts. We are all processing billions of thoughts a day and for these to all be positive would be a tall task. Negative thoughts are all part of normal human functioning but it’s when the negative thoughts outweigh the positive and start having an impact on our daily lives that the problem occurs.

Your thoughts aren’t true. When we start to realise that what goes on in our heads isn’t reality then it becomes easier to make peace with them. How we view the world isn’t how someone else views the world and it’s important to remember this. It’s the same in that, if someone else thinks or sees something negatively, it doesn’t mean it actually is something negative.

Is a problem still a problem even if you don’t think it’s a problem? Ponder this question for a minute. If something you thought was a problem suddenly wasn’t seen as a problem anymore – was it a problem in the first place? This shows that the ‘problem’ never actually existed other than in your own mind. If you think like this then you can start to realise that most of our negative thoughts aren’t valid.

You don’t have to believe your negative thoughts. With that in mind, you don’t have to believe your negative thoughts. You have a choice to believe them or let them go. You just have to be open to the fact that life isn’t out to get you. We can go through, and learn from, negative experiences but ultimately we have the power to see things a certain way.

Positive thinking is always going to be beneficial to our overall happiness. Consciously seeing the positive in a situation rather than focusing solely on the negative is where we want to be but getting rid of negative thinking by just being more positive isn’t necessarily the way to achieve this.

It’s really important to notice our negative thoughts for what they are. Accept that the negative thoughts are only in your head. The tiny step of noticing the thought and not believing it is where the growth really lies. Once you get used to doing this then negative thoughts will go as easily as they came and it’s in this space that you can adjust the thought to a more positive one.

The more you appreciate why negative thinking does not have a positive impact on your life, and why you are better off without it, the more your mind will be motivated and energised to get rid of it. Your brain will start to naturally see the glass half full and life can start to get a whole new perspective 🙂



22 thoughts on “How To Manage Negative Thinking

  1. scribbleartie

    If only I had seen this when I was 16, haha! 🙂 But I have to agree with you – the thoughts are only thoughts, not true facts/actions (depending on what you are dwelling on) so I found that the less I worried or cared, the less they occurred. Its difficult at first, of course, but it get easier. Great post 😀

    1. Jenny M

      Exactly, the less you care about something and give it less importance the smaller it becomes. It can be hard to do this especially if negative thinking is something we’re so used to but it comes with practice and time! Thanks as always for your great comments! 🙂

  2. Marie Therese

    “your thoughts aren’t true”…I especially like this part. I can get so worked up over negative thoughts and then when I realize: Marie, they’re just thoughts, it’s just your head- i can sort of free myself from them, because I don’t have to believe them anymore. They’re not true! Thanks for this post 🙂

    1. Jenny M

      It’s a such a simple practice really, isn’t it? It’s so important to keep reminding ourselves that negative thinking all begins and ends with ourselves. Thanks so much for your comment! 🙂

  3. Kris

    Great post. We forget how powerful our own internal dialogue can be to our sense of efficacy and self-worth.

    1. Jenny M

      Yes so true! I don’t think we always realise how detrimental negative thinking can be on the other areas of our life and personality. Just a slight shift in perspective goes a huge way! 🙂

  4. sparkyjen

    Bravo again!

    Wonderful subject matter.

    In my opinion, a problem is only a problem if there’s no solution. We most likely are over thinking it. What a fine mess that creates!

    I’d rather put whatever “it” is out in the Universe. Then simply move on to things I do have a handle on.

    Peace Be Still.

    1. Jenny M

      Thank you so much! I agree with you and I believe that there always can be a solution to a ‘problem’ it’s how easily we allow ourselves to see it. Thanks for your great comment 🙂

  5. Kani Poly

    Thank you, Jenny.
    Your sharing is great. I have a lot of negative thinking but I don’t know how to work with these.
    This post helps me a lot!

    1. Jenny M

      Thank you for your comment! I’m really glad you found it useful and that it helps on your path to positive thinking 🙂

  6. Miriam

    What a wonderful post Jenny and so true. Think I need to get my 15yo son to read this. He’s developed a negative attitude and hard as I try, he’s the only one that can change this way of thinking.

    1. Jenny M

      But thinking about it I had such a negative attitude at that age too – I think it’s so common. I wouldn’t worry about it, he’ll realise in his own good time what life’s all about 🙂

  7. 1dayatatime365

    Thank you for writing this – it was just what I needed to read today. I definitely need to work on thinking more positively and not always believing my negative thoughts. This post is a great inspiration!

    1. Jenny M

      So glad you liked it! I think it’s really important to remind ourselves every now and then to stop the negative thoughts from ruling our general perspective 🙂

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